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Sawyer master shot from chris lattanzio on Vimeo.

artist thoughts on new light sculpture Sawyer


Five vessels contain Lattanzio abstraction of light moving from the time of dusk to dawn. Yellow, orange, and red candy stripes begin the 7:30 minute loop as beams of sunlight streaking across the sky.
There is space between the vessels that disappears as the light begins its dance. The mind fills in what is not there- carrying the color beyond its boundaries as the light glows into the room.

I channel Rothko (even a little Barnett Newman in his zips and color bleeds) as yellow is surrounded by orange only to reverse and move into magenta before finishing with cyan sitting on the bottom as magenta reaches for indigo but can only send finger waves up and out into the room.

Night sets and the stars come out- twinkling in the sky as the conscious mind slips into the subconscious mind. Dreams ripple out as color breaks the surface of a cool, blue background and chase each ripple of subconscious wave.  These color waves wash over you and fill the surrounding space. A deep rest is achieved with blue and green color stripes-These color stripes slow our breath, calm our heart, and feel good on the skin. Here therapy meets theory as I paint the room with light. The object is simple, the light and combinations of color complex and beautiful.

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