“Chris as a creative artist is at the same time provocative and humorous. His delivery of art is inclusive and professional, but he clearly understands schedules and implementation. I have and would use him for major art pieces in our buildings.”

Ralph Hawkins
CEO, HKS Architects

“In my experience, there are two qualities that are very important for an artist to have; a strong work ethic and a valid personal vision. Chris Lattanzio has them both. The language of his art allows for a wide range of expression and his feelings dictate his esthetic focus on each project he mounts. I am also impressed with his ability to bring each project to completion neatly and efficiently.

When I look at his art, I feel like I’m learning a new language.”

John Nieto


“Chris’s art work is truly one of a kind, his work is a constant conversation piece at our parties. Chris and I worked together on commissioning a piece of art that reflected my personality and taste. The result of our shared vision is a wonderful piece of art, one I will hold onto and pass on to my children; it will always be displayed in a prominent place in all of our future homes. Chris was fun and easy to work with and very responsive. I can always count on Chris to provide fresh ideas and interesting insights into art that reflects our life.”

David Black

President, America’s Strategic Alliances, LLC

“In my years and experience of working with numerous artists and collecting art, there are two qualities that an artist must possess—to not only be successful in ‘telling the story’ through art, but also to be inspired.  These qualities are a total commitment and a tremendous focused vision for their art in addition to a vivid imagination to develop the art in its final form.  I believe that Chris Lattanzio is one of the most creative and imaginative people that I have met.  His art is truly one of a kind and evokes constant conversation by those that view it. This is the essence of art itself.”

Michael A. Jenkins

President And Managing Director, Dallas Summer Musicals