Like a child’s playground, creativity is a place of peace, joy and freedom. But too often, we build up walls around it that keep us locked out—and its secrets and treasures trapped within.

I received a degree from Baylor University, worked in New York surrounded by the walls of a standard cubicle. But I never found that peace or joy inside those walls. It was only by returning to my childhood that I rediscovered the activity that gave me peace: the creation of art.

As I travelled back to Texas form New York, I watched the highway roll past and began to wonder, “What would I follow if there were no lines on my road?” The more I opened myself to the joys of my childhood, the more I came to realize that the lines on this path lead me to creating the best that I have out of everything that I am. On this path, I move towards finding the spark that inspires and ignites. It allows me to create a space to be my best and reconnect with that childlike spirit, locked away behind the playground walls.

I invite you into that space. Enter and explore, see my work, understand my creative process and allow yourself connect with me in a way that suits your needs and brings you closer to finding a path to peace and joy