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Lattanzio Launches new furniture company, Luce Outdoors

Lattanzio Launches new furniture company, Luce Outdoors

16 years of art inventory open direct to collectors for the next two months

I’ve started a new company, Luce Outdoor, with Debbie Martz of Chair Care Patio.  There will be an article Saturday, March 28 in Home section of Dallas Morning NEws. To fund this effort I am opening my studio up-16 years of inventory- and offering art work/furniture direct to collectors.

This offer will exist through early June, 2015. . Today,  I just want to extend to you a special invitation to come and look and buy before the crowd gets here.  I can host you ( and any special friends you may wish to invite)
The inventory is already smaller (Heather and Marty, from Austin,  bought pieces from 2005 and 2006 as well as print from 2011 and original sketch from 2009).

Some of the work available in studio:
    Heather and Marty Satterfield with their art purchases

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